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Edward Barnsley and his Workshop:
Arts and Crafts in the Twentieth Century

Annette Carruthers

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Edward Barnsley has been to British furniture in the twentieth century what Bernard Leach was to ceramics.

Barnsley was born into the Arts and Crafts Movement in 1900, and became like his father a noted furniture designer-maker. Annette Carruthers' authoritative, sympathetic yet clear-eyed account examines the problems and rewards of a life caught between the ideal of living by 'doing and making' and the economic realities of an age of mass production.


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'This fascinating and well-produced book is a must for anyone interested in the history of the British Arts and Crafts Movement, particularly its later phases, or in furniture making in the twentieth century.' (Pat Kirkham, Journal of Design History

'closely researched one of the best accounts yet of a life in the crafts The workshop rightly dominates the book and makes a fascinating episode in the economic history of craftsmanship.' (Alan Powers, Country Life)

'The wealth of information that it presents about one approach to workshop practice, and in the later stages, Edward Barnsley's personal reactions to the crafts debates, recommends it to both the historian and the practitioner.' (Gillian Naylor, Crafts)

'This excellent book is inspired by the belief that the crafts have a place in modern society' (Alan Crawford, The Tablet)

'This book seems a must for the serious woodworker's bookshelf and is recommended.' (Mike McGrath, Practical Woodworking)

'The best book written on the Arts and Crafts Movement in recent years a delight to read. It is also beautifully illustrated.' (Vicorian Society Newsletter)

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Annette Carruthers is Lecturer in Art History and Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews. She worked previously at Leicestershire Museums and at Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museums, specialising in the Arts and Crafts movement.


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ISBN 1 873487 03 7 paperback 1994  (first published 1992)
£40 Inc p&p
208 pp., 242 x 172 mm., 107 b&w illustrations, bibliography, index